This is where I talk about how cool I'm not
Hey so I like a lot of things. Baccano! DDR, DRRR, FMA, Soul Eater, Lorde, Bastille, Marina and the Diamonds, The Gone series, Tobuscus, Olga Kay, VSauce, IMT, WTNV, Ouran, Vlogging, Photoshopping, Talking to internet people, buying stuff, gaming, phoenix wright, apollo justice, Crysis, Professor layton, Having friends, Danny Phantom, Rise of the Guardians, Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, Scott Pilgrim, Teen Titans, Sherlock, Conventions, Cosplay, Various movies, did I mention Youtube I spend days on that site, food, Nancy Drew funny things, Birthdays, compliments, beautiful females and beautiful males, though not to the same extent (though I do believe I am some form of asexual), fake blood, real blood, comedies, horrors though I pause every few seconds. Holy crap I forgot LIGHTS and the Jezabels I am ashame. Tumblr is also fun. --------------------------so yeah I think that's probably a good enough description to give you a brief idea of my interest so yeah
Things, also stuff
Hopefully my blog is better than the title suggests :/


For those of you who don’t know I’m somewhat of a cosplayer, thanks to the confidence inspiring and general production of all this fandom and awesome miss Nina aka (I’m on an iPad, no idea where the hyperlink thing is :/.

Please follow her and the other imt ladies (usernames are courtoonxiii, berndor and solo-dono amongst others e.g. Midnightcosplay) and yeah

*awkwardly shuffles* so yeah bye